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Emerald Ash 

Borer Infographic

Conservation Halton

PRODUCT: Infographic 

BRIEF: Multiple infographics needed to inform the public and officials about Emerald Ash Borer and what Conservation Halton was doing to prevent further damage and infection.

SOLUTION: Created 2 infographics. The first aimed at officials, with information about the disease. The second was a 2 sided flyer, that would be distributed to affected areas. The front side educated the public about EAB, and the backside was used as an opportunity to let the public know what they were doing, as well as information about the flood Dams and Channels in the area.


  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

EAB Politicians 1.jpg
EAB Politicians 2.jpg
EAB Mailer 1.jpg
EAB Mailer 2.jpg
EAB Mailer 3.jpg
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